Patient Commitment

One of the primary forces driving the creation of Western Reserve Hospital Partners was the physicians’ vision to dramatically improve patient satisfaction.

Western Reserve Hospital Partners is at the forefront of leading change, and part of that change meant having their hospital be the first in the area to utilize patient satisfaction scores in the physician re-credentialing process. At the time of re-credentialing, not only does each physician’s patient satisfaction score play a crucial role in retention of their staff privileges, but the medical staff is also required to attend educational sessions on patient satisfaction. In addition, consistent patient satisfaction across all Western Reserve Hospital Partner’s physician offices is measured and benchmarked to ensure that the same level of satisfaction is provided regardless of location of care.

To ensure positive outcomes and keep medical staff informed and on track, the hospital has also put in place a doctor in a new position known as the ‘‘patient satisfaction physician’’ who is in charge of visiting patients
"With the
new process,
patients no longer
have to find their
way to registration
and wait"
before they’re discharged to determine whether they were satisfied with their care and stay, and what steps might be taken to improve the overall experience.

Additionally, Western Reserve Hospital Partners is committed to providing transparency with regard to quality, safety, and value. To that end, quality measures for the hospital and physician’s statistics are posted regularly to a secure web page accessible by hospital staff and physicians. The physicians of Western Reserve Hospital Partners, as well as the staff and entire community that comprise Summa Western Reserve Hospital, are dedicated to ensuring patient satisfaction is an engrained part of the culture. The collective goal: provide the best, most advanced and most efficient healthcare in the community and to treat patients like they are family members.

The physicians of Western Reserve Hospital Partners have already made Summa Western Reserve Hospital their own with these initiatives-- built around their patients. As part of their continuing focus on enhancing services to provide the best-available patient experience, they have streamlined the direct admission process at Summa Western Reserve Hospital.

With the new process, patients no longer have to find their way to registration and wait, a task that is especially burdensome when feeling ill. Now, direct admit patients simply drive up to the front door where they are warmly greeted by a valet. The valet then helps them into a wheelchair, which moves the patient directly to their room. Nursing staff initiates care promptly upon the patient’s arrival, with all registration completed at the bedside.

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