Message from the President

Western Reserve Hospital Partners are at the forefront of leading change in the healthcare industry. Our goal is simple: improve delivery of a full scope of the highest quality healthcare services, while achieving our vision of empowering primary care physicians to drive healthcare delivery in collaboration with select specialists to cater to patients in an environment managed by physicians. Leading this change means we must question everything about the delivery of healthcare, including the status quo, and be willing to do the hard work necessary to improve the process. I am proud to say we have begun that course of action in earnest.

From our unique patient satisfaction initiatives, to our dedication of human and financial resources, to the unique organizational structure of the hospital and its associated entities, we are doing the work and making the investment to ensure our region does in fact have the best healthcare choices available.

Every member of Western Reserve Hospital Partners is working as a change agent in this effort, actively practicing our vision, committed to finding new ways to triumph. Improving healthcare delivery in the region was the reason we came together, and our unwavering commitment toward making that happen will ensure our ongoing success.

Robert A. Kent, Jr. D.O.
President, Western Reserve Hospital Partners

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